May. 9th, 2009

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I have had trouble sleeping for a long time.  I fluctuate between not being able to fall asleep, to not being able to stay asleep to waking up early.  The worst is when I'm dealing with all three at the same time.  Last night, after having woken up super early that day and maybe, maybe getting somewhere around 5 hours of sleep the night before, I took xanax. 
The plus side about this is that the last time I actually had to take xanax for an anxiety attack was in January.  Now?  Now I mainly use it once or twice a month when I really, really feel the need for a super long, super dead-like night of sleep.
I arrived home from my last local munch last night and decided it would be a good idea to drug-2-sleep.  The munch was a lot of fun.  And my super-sekrit secondary munch was even better.  I invite a select group of people to go get ice cream after the actual munch.  I always make the invitations personally, and it's always kept very quiet.  I passed on the invite-torch to a friend who I think will continue the tradition of exclusivity to awesome folks.  Apparently, I've left my very own legend, but that is neither here nor there.
I called Phil when I got home and we chatted for a while.  And I was expressing my happiness over the fact that I so rarely take xanax now.  Then I believe I mumbled something along the lines of, "Yeah, it's like you're my own personal xanax.  Your pores leak a similar chemical compound.  So when I need to relax or go to sleep, I just lick your armpit."
He laughed, and said he was my own prescription.  I asked who had prescribed it.  His response?
Dr. FeelGood, of course.
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My life is full of the awesome:
1.  Star Trek kicked ass.
    1a.  My evil wonder twin saw it today, too.  In the name of cosmic connectionz, I punish you!
2.  I have a partner who lets me do what I want which always somehow turns into doing what he wants which totally makes me grumble, and feel lucky, and occasionally get effin' scared.
    2a.  It totally pushes my buttons.  And monkeys?  They.Love.Buttons.
3.  I Fed-Ex'd all of my shoes (minus the ones I'll want to wear the next couple of weeks) to NYC.  It's not the entire collection, but it IS chock full of the ones I wear and love the most.
4.  I nearly finished my laundry.
5.  Phil has plane ticket to come to NC on the 22nd.  Except he has no return ticket.  Oh noez, what ever will we do?  I know!  We'll drive HOME together.  Home.  It's a nice thought.
6.  I have arranged to have all of my medical records sent to me in NYC so that when I find a new GI and OBGYN, I'll be prepared.  Because I'm already prepared.  And I have George's vet records, too.
Seven Eight Nine.  EeeEeeeeEEEee!11!1!!!11!
10.  Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  And my mother's birthday.  Please kill me nao.


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