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M and I were cleaning the office this morning when I mentioned my breasts hurt.  "Want to see?"  Of course she said yes.
We went into the back, it was just us anyway, and I took off my shirt.  As I was taking off my bra, I told her how really we had intended to play light but about five minutes in I was in the zone, and he was in the zone and that we were in the zone.
She looked at my chest, criss-cross patterns of bruises, whip marks, and cuts scabbed over and smiled.
"Well, at least he's back on his game.  He was really slacking there for awhile," she teased.
I arrived home last night shortly before 11 pm.  I was exhausted, I still am exhausted.  The weekend was well worth the exhaustion.  I'll eventually tire of being exhausted and then I'll write a post (or two or three) about Frolicon. 
To be continued
[livejournal.com profile] boymeat , [livejournal.com profile] lolitasir , [livejournal.com profile] femmetron1  and I had just finished dinner on Saturday night.  I had lit up my cigarette as we walked out of the restaurant, and then handed one to Phil.  Moments later I was fishing in my purse for my keys, I couldn't seem to snag them.  I finally grasped a tampon.  Tampons are not keys.  But they are ecstatic dancers. 
So I helped the tampon dance on Phil's shoulder before returning it to my purse.  He looked at me and the tampon like we were both a little ... off.
But because I pleased the tampon, it helped me find my keys.  They were hiding between my wallet and my ipod.
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Welp, here it is Wednesday night, not particularly late as it were, but I'm about to go to bed.  I'm freshly showered, and fully packed minus only my toiletries.
Tomorrow's plan of action ...

Work: 8 - 12
Lunch: Hit up the full service gas station to fill up the car, have the pressure in my tires checked, and have my fluids topped off, come home -- give the cat and mother some love and possibly eat lunch
Work 1:15 - 5
5:01:  Get on the road for Atlanta
It's a long haul, almost a full hour further than last year's hotel for me, and I don't think I would have opted to drive had I known that I couldn't get Thursday off.   Oh well, it is what it is, yo.  I probably won't get to the hotel until 1 or 2 in the morning, and I have a feeling I'll want to go straight to bed.  The plus side?
I'll be sharing that bed with Phil.

I suppose some annoyances are worth it, eh?

Happy Pesach, folks. 

Godkitty out.

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I really have no words or the urge to find the effort to put the words together to explain the shit-tacular (past few) week(s) I've been having.  I usually take most situations in stride, and my stress level doesn't go haywire but by last Friday I had hit a two year high. 
Despite all of the things I know I should do so that I do not relapse into my detachment tendencies, I just went numb.  I admit there was something comforting about the fact that I can still get to that place, just to know that I can.  But being there is pretty dangerous for me in terms of my relationships.  A person doesn't just detach from ONE thing/person, they detach from ALL things/persons.  So, yeah.  I lived in numbland for less than twenty-four hours and bounced back exceedingly well.  I think.  I hope.  We'll see. 
What I could really use is a hug.  Maybe a bunch of them.  I'm not really big on being touched by people I don't know (and don't know particularly well), so if you aren't sure -- please ask me first -- but, if you're one of those people I like to hug ... make sure you hug me at Frolicon.  Toucha, toucha, touch me.  (Touch is an excellent way of grounding oneself back in the wide world of connectivity.  I'll use you all.  And you'll like it.  And that's kind of hawt.  Like whoa.)
I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of folks.  Including the one, the only, the schmaltziest ... Boymeat.  Oh, if you don't read his LJ, he posted a super cute picture of him and me and [livejournal.com profile] lolitasir .  You should go check it out here.


Apr. 4th, 2009 02:11 pm
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] boymeat ,



Kathryn T.

PS:  Mwa.Ha.Ha.

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edit:  The chili is sexay.  And full of beef.  And beans.  And it's reddish brown.  But that's just food coloring.  Really, I swear.  I mean it, promise. [Poll #1377084][Poll #1377084]
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If you like socks like me, then you know all of the fun sock websites like Sock Dreams, Foot Traffic and Joy of Socks.
Joy of Socks is having a 20% sale on their entire stock from now until April 6th.  You don't get anything off of s/h but they have an amazing selection.  The code is "APRIL".
Go forth and stimulate the economy, bitches.
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Please don't make me go to sleep.

                     The whispers will get me.

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Dear G-d,
Just let me get through the next couple of months without the stress eating my colon.  I'll owe you one.
Thanks in advance.
Most affectionately,
Kathryn T.
PS:  And while you're at it, can you do something about this insomnia?  Kthanxbai.

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M is off in Vegas with her husband celebrating his birthday. (It's neither here nor there, but she broke a toe two days before they left. She's partial to heels, so that kind of sucks. But hey, it's Vegas, who really needs heels to get drunk and fuck anyway?) I was alone in the office today and missed her a lot. I realize that my days with her are numbered and that's very, very sad. I don't depend on a lot of people, but I do depend on her. Yes, we'll email, txt and talk often, I'm sure. But it's different. Very, very different. And I would know, I'm the queen of LDRs.
Anyway, she left me this really cute note on the schedule. It made me smile to see it this morning. Yay M for thoughtfulness.

And these boxes are filled with Easy Mac cups. If I counted correctly, and I believe I did, these boxes are filled 200 Easy Mac cups. We were asked if we would be interested in handing them out to out patients between the ages of 12-15 along with coupons for the product. Eh, sure. Why not? We like mac and cheese, too. In fact, I had one for dinner. They really aren't that bad.
Of course, they are not quite as good as one's Daddy making a box of mac and cheese and a tall glass of chocolate milk and splitting it with you. But there is time for that yet.


Oh, and before I forget, my toe nails from IMsL ... pink and purple argyle with yellow accents. Ha ha. Dork!
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It's not necessary that you watch this youtube video before reading the following story but I would highly recommend it.  (Fair warning:  If you do not watch this video, this post isn't nearly as funny as it could be.)
I do not post about my sex life that happens behind doors.  And because I tend to stick to SM events, that means I don't have to post about the actual sex I have much beyond "whip-whip-whack-smack-ohhh-wet".  It's a comfort level for me to not post about my sex life while still being able to share the hawt SM I get into publicly.  And yet now, I am faced with a conundrum and it is all [livejournal.com profile] boymeat 's fault. 

Are you surprised?
Sunday night in the dungeon and a lot of very hawt play was going on.  We and a few friends had overtaken a little area and were chatting and watching to our heart's content.  I admit that the day was starting to really catch up to my libido.  I had the strongest urge to fuck.  And I suppose it was highly apparent because he looked over at me, "what are you thinking?"
"I'm thinking I'd like to cum."
"We're not going upstairs."
Well, allright then, we're not going anywhere!  Except he pointed to a sling in the corner of the dungeon.  Um, hi, I don't get naked in public.  And I started to flip out.  It's not that I have never gotten naked in public, I have.  And yes, I've fucked in public before.  Blah, blah, blah.  Whatever, it's just not really what I'm necessarily comfortable doing so I don't.  And here he is, Mr. Smarty Pants, pointing to the fucking sling.
"I don't get naked in publick."  "No one will see.  I'll be in front of you."  "No, you don't seem to understand.  I don't do such things in publick.  I couldn't possibly.  Everyone will watch."  "No one is going to look, they are all busy.  Besides, they can't see through me."  "They'll hear me, I'm loud.  I don't do such things in publick."  "You aren't loud.  Besides, what about *insertsomethingsexualhere* that you did in blank's living room?"  "I didn't do that!"  "Yes, you did.  Remember?  So_and_so commented on it!"  " We were in the back bedroom."  "We were not.  We were in the front room."  "You're wrong!  I don't do such things in publick!"
And apparently, yes I did.  I remembered.
Except it's never so simple.  Because first he had to get me out of the chair and all the way across the room where I decided to have yet another mild panic attack.  This one when I am now half-naked, ass in a sling, knee socks pulled all the way up, half crying hysterically and the other half laughing.  I was so out of my comfort zone I couldn't stop shaking or trying to figure out how to recross my legs to make sure no one could see that I had no panties on.  I'm cracking jokes and trying to figure out how to get out of this position.  "If I can see people, they can see me!"  "They cannot see you.  They aren't even looking."  "They're all looking, I can feel it!"  "Then close your eyes."  "If I close my eyes, they can still see me.  OMG.  I'M NAKED IN PUBLICK."
And I'm shaking, and I'm crying, and I'm laughing.  And he's laughing.  We're both laughing.  But then he gets down to business, and some of his fingers disappear.  That barely breathing thing I was doing before as I freaked out was replaced by that barely breathing thing I do when I'm about to orgasm. 
Tears of fear were replaced with tears of pleasure.  I gripped his hair, his neck, anything I could get a hand on, and whatever crowd I had magically imagined in my mind staring at my naked_ness disappeared.  And oh my but it was hawt.
Of course, I don't do these sorts of things in publick.  And instead suggested we should one day simply buy a sling of our own.
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Sunday was just about as perfect a day as one could hope to find at an SM event.  If I'm being honest, the entire weekend was like butter.  And I love butter.Part of me, the ever so cynical side, wants to chock up a lot of my warm fuzzies towards IMsL to the fact that I left the last event I attended feeling the strong urge to disassociate from the scene.  Well, hell, I had already been disenfranchised, told that I didn't belong in a general way that spoke to me very specifically, and if "these" people had no use for me -- I had none for them.  It really wasn't that bad, such negativity actually has the direct opposite effect on me, ever the hard headed girl am I. 
It makes me want to speak louder, play harder, fuck dirtier.  Though I already speak loudly.  And I play hard.  And yes, I fuck dirty. 
I felt a part of this crowd.  And I have no clue why.  The majority of people there identified as queer, or dyke or trans, and face it -- I can barely own up to a label as simple as "girl" half the time.  And I'm fairly sure that people coming in contact with me for the first time there were convinced of my heterosexuality (which is amusing mainly because Phil and his family all thought I was gay when he first met me).  I'm not even sure it had anything to do with the labels these people happened to live with, maybe it was just their incredible hawtness and that they owned it so well.  Confidence oozed out of every pore on every damned person there.  I smelled it.  It was intoxicating. 
It's not important to me to feel part of a crowd.  Yes, it's important to me to feel part of the crowd I've chosen (aka friends, family, lovers, etc) but folks in general?  Eh, not so much.  But when you DO feel part of a crowd, something you so rarely expect, it's one hell of an experience.  So, anyway ... where were we?
Yes, Sunday.
The day started with some very violent sex that left me smiling from ear to ear.  Yep, I'm just that easy.  And somehow we managed not to wake-up our roommate.  Of course, our roommate was sleeping with Prince Iphone headphones in so that may have had something to do with it.  Just, maybe.  We finally pulled ourselves out of bed, managed to get dressed and [livejournal.com profile] boymeat put his the ever so lovely locking electric dog collar back on my arm before we went out to get coffee.  Perfectly placed Starbucks is such a good thing.  Coffee in hand, we wandered back to the hotel, me occasionally yelping at the shocks, smoked a cigarette (or three) and then got in line for brunch.
Brunch was tasty.  Skeeter was an excellent emcee during the event, the keynote speaker was fun (fuck yeah) and there was a bit more shocky shocky.  Blah, blah, and it was done and we went upstairs to get Phil's stuff together for the Make Play Happen afternoon affair.
So, Make Play Happen was by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen at an event.  Yes, I've seen it at the local and regional level but sorry, this kicked major ass above all else I've attended before.  Basically, you have a bunch of kick-ass presenters/educators/uber_awesome tops through-out the entire dungeon each of them there to play with you, teach you, let you watch them do their thang.  Boymeat and canes.  Lolita and needles.  Felice and V with punching and kicking.  Lochai and speed bondage.  Someone was doing fisting and footing.  Tomo was doing take-downs and resistance bondage.  Oh so many choices that obviously I do not remember them all.
[livejournal.com profile] bootpig  and I had planned to hang out at this two hour affair together.  We hung out with Phil for a bit.  And by hanging out, I mean she was all back leaning over this nifty barrel and I was whack-a-whackin' her stomach and thighs with a cane.  While not a superb uber-top by any means, I admit to having learned a couple of things through-out the years and more than that ... Phil's a really good teacher.  Hee.  So, we're playing around, and he starts to get a crowd and we leave him to them. 
We begin to wander about but we're inevitably drawn to Felice and V's section.  Come on.  Do you blame us?  We're hands on people.  And by hands on, I mean rough, pummeling, hands on.  Or boot on.  Q was there, punching around, and we started chatting.  Next thing I know Pig is getting kicked by the most delicious of people.  And boy howdy was she in hog heaven.  Erm, pig heaven.
They finish up, and by the time my head is back on the game, [livejournal.com profile] boy_cru seems to have descended my way.  Oh, and look, he brought a friend ... [livejournal.com profile] bearsir .   [livejournal.com profile] bearsir  was the emcee of the competition on both Friday and Saturday nights.  He is also ridiculously drool worthy in my opinion.  It's not just the looks, though the looks are there.  And it's not just the sense of humor which is obviously backed up by intelligence.  It can't be just one thing cause it's the package.  So, yeah.  Rawr.  Hi, there fists of glory.  Oh, did you want to punch my chest?  You who I have been trying to figure out how to get your attention for the past two and a half days? 
Yeah, you.
Cru punching one side of my chest and Bear the other.  Dude.  I'm so there.  And I was.  I had to position my feet just so, I think someone actually stood behind me so I wouldn't fall back from the sheer energy of their fists.  I held my own.  I held up.  Until I fell.  And then I just leaned upwards and forward knowing that I was closer to the ground and could take some more without needing someone to lean against.  A little more.  A lot more.  A repeat?  Fanciful dreams.
My chest is bruised.  That wonderful sort of bruising that barely comes to the surface but every move you make burns gently through your muscles and somehow wets your panties at the same time.  If you wore panties, which you don't.  Unless you're wearing a skirt, in which case panties are the rule cause it's just not lady-like.  Or something.
They finish up, and the Make Play Happen event starts to finish as well.  [livejournal.com profile] boymeat and I go to grab a cigarette and then he has a playdate.  It really isn't often that I stick around to watch him play with other people.  Most of the time, I'm just not particularly interested but that wasn't the case this go round.  I went back to the dungeon with him, handed off a bottle of water and moved out of the way.  His date commenced, and I had a good view of it.  But somehow I kind of ended up with a front row seat to three other people playing, not to mention being the water girl and diet Coke holder. 
It wasn't just hawt to watch, but it sucked me in.  It was emotional and yet still playful and did I mention it was a wee bit dirty.  Fists, and spit, and shit-talk.  I don't think I could have had a better vantage point.  Oh so close to one scene as to breath it in, and close enough to Phil's to watch it very well.  Cru came over at one point, my eyes were locked on Phil and I just whispered ... "Look at my partner, look how hawt he is.  Look how hawt that scene is."  I stand in awe of the people in my life, and there are times I'm just not quite sure how I managed to have them in MY life.  Funny, isn't it?
He was flying.  Oh so high like a kite in the sky after his scene.  We smoked, he checked back in with his play partner and we smoked again.  He walked into a wall, or four, but I held his hand.  He needed a shower.  I wanted a little reconnect time.  Somewhere in all of that, Pig had left and I wasn't quite ready for her to go.  We went back up to the room, and he turned on the shower.  It was for him, but it was for me, too.  And I bathed him.  His hair, his body, all of it.  It was mildly sexual, but more than that, it was about coming down from our day together.  He was good enough to make the shower water warmer than he usually likes so I didn't freeze to death. 
He still had to step out when I was ready to wash my hair, I like the water so hot that the steam tumbles out.
And then we dressed.  That was Sunday day.  The night was something onto itself.  And I think it will have to be another post as this one is already long enough.
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I am home.  Technically, I've been home since last night but it seems I hit the ground running today and this is about the first chance I've had to sit back and relax some.
I had an amazing time at IMsL.  I will write about a lot of it in the coming week.  I tend to use the names of the people I've played with so if I played with you over the weekend, you're reading this and you would prefer I don't use your name (scene/livejournal or otherwise), please let me know via private message on LJ.   
My mother now has a surgery date for her wrist and it is April Fool's day.  How oddly appropriate.  She'll be in the hospital at least 23 hours.  I know her well enough to know that if they are giving her good pain killers, she'll be there longer. 

Speaking of surgery, the Dr. Father's car needs surgery as well.  A telephone pole jumped out and attacked his car.  I mocked him.
I put in my "notice" today as far as work is concerned.  Whether with job or without (hopefully with), I'm moving towards the end of May.  A new network connection I made last week seems to have paid off because here I sit with a new contact for a doctor in NYC who has a couple of positions open.  Oh la.
My mother was highly amused by this picture of [livejournal.com profile] boymeat .  Check out his awesome new t-shirt.  And his reading material.

We're all going to Hades.

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It's those moments of frustration that I just cannot seem to keep under some semblance of control that really bother me.
Okay, early flight tomorrow, neither of my parents will drive me and I'm sure as hell not asking M to do me that sort of favor -- even though I know she would.
Right, so I'll drive my car, and my parents will use my spare key and pick it up later in the day.  Because they refuse to drive me, and don't want me to use the taxi service(s) in this town, they initially offered to let me just leave my car there and they'd pay for it.  Money is how we show we care.  I thought that was silly so suggested the drop and pick-up scenario. 

Except now I can't find my spare keys.  I hop in the car and speed off to Lowe's, which is open for ten more minutes, bust through the door, get to the little key maker area and throw my key at the nice gentleman.  "SAVE ME!"  "Is it an electronic key?"  "No."  "You shur?"  "Yes!"  "Great, let me see if I have a match."
I wait, I wait, seconds tick by like hours.  They don't have a match. 
Come back home, re-tear apart five drawers and still cannot find key.
"OMG DAD!  I can't find my spare key.  Take me to the airport in the morning.  Please?  You're the only person in this family who can go back to sleep after waking up!"
"Take your mother's car.  We have the spare for it."
"Oh, yeah.  Smart thinking."
Hello, molehill?  I've made you a mountain.  Cause I am dumb.
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Little Town North Carolina has a small, one airline airport.  I normally fly out of RDU because it's cheaper but it ended up being the same price to fly out of RDU and my town to San Francisco so I opted for my town because of convenience.  Can you blame me?  Have a parent or friend drop me off at airport 15 minutes from my house or drive an hour and a half to a friend's house, get dropped off at airport next day, get picked up by friend upon arriving back, go back to their house, pick up car and drive another hour and a half home.  I love seeing my friends in Raleigh, but it's kind of a no brainer sometimes.

The problem you occasionally run into with itty bitty airports is that a plane breaks down, there is no plane to replace it, and three hours later by the time they have a plane to replace it -- you've missed your connection and there are no other connections to your final destination because you missed all of those, too.

That's what happened to me today.  Something was wrong with a tire.  By the time the mechanic arrived to fix it, the plane wouldn't take off until 6 pm, and I would have missed all flights out to SFO tonight.  I offered to drive to Raleigh but it just wasn't to be.  I txt'd Daddy, he had just landed in Chicago, I whined a little but ultimately he made me feel better.  I'll be in San Fran tomorrow at 10:15 am.

Mumsy picked me up from the airport and she felt like shopping so we went to Best Buy.  She was in the market for a new lap top.  She found one she liked, I picked it out, way better than what she initially was looking at, too, for a great price.  And in my pitiful, sad state, she bought me a digital camera.  It's teal.  And the nice man at the store picked out a pink case for me since they didn't have the camera I wanted in pink.  Yes, I'm a girl.  Yes, I'm a picky, occasionally whiny girl.

Whatever.  At least I'll have a camera to take pictures of my toes now, right?  Okay.  Anyway.

Sad monkey.

Sad monkeys aren't even in the mood for buttons.
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I really need to pack. 
I finally had a pedicure.  If there was an award for dorkiest toe nail design EVA, I would win it.  Totally.  No, srsly.  If you're at IMsL this weekend, ask to see my toe nails.  Just for the laugh.  Unless I'm wearing boots.  If I'm wearing boots, I ain't taking them off for random strangers.  Only the sort of strange-ers who will sniff them, and get excited, and bite the arches, maybe cane them and then eventually fuck me.  So, that pretty much narrows it down to ... yep, Phil.  Anyway.  Someone needs to get laid.  Gee, wonder who that is.  (Me.)
I still need to pack and change the kitty litter but besides that I'm pretty much a-okay ready.  I'm really looking forward to IMsL for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, as per usual, is the amazing company.  I love my relationship with Phil, but I also love the growing relationships I have started to form and make with the people in his life.  Did I mention Pig will be there, too?  Damn skippy.  We're sharing a room.  So if you come to our room what will you expect to find?  Probably not what you'd think (okay, that too).  You'll most likely find Pig having a freak-out attack over the fact that Phil and I can destroy a hotel room in less than 2.3 seconds.  (I just threw that in to tease her.  Cause I'm an LJ-sadist like that.  Holla.)
For those North Carolinians who aren't attending IMsL this weekend, so uh ... everyone besides Q and I it seems, I hope you bought your tickets for NCLC.  It's completely sold out which means it's going to be a rip roarin' awesome state-wide event.  Go for the contest and vending, and stay for the play party. Cheer on the contestants too because they'll be representing you for an entire year all across the southeast (and beyond) not to mention at SELF this June.  Good luck to anyone who is running.  Do your best and don't do anything I would do -- you'd get disqualified, I'm sure.
I'm bouncy, right now, could you tell?  It's because I'm super excited that tomorrow is almost here. 
Like whoa.

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Someone who shall remain nameless (Sharrin) asked a question because she's fabulous (evil).

I have no straight answer to said question.

So I had a mini-panic attack combined with some warm fuzzies instead.

Yep, that's that.

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KathrynTactAm I going to Hell for *this highly inappropriate thought that will definitely damn me to the underworlds*?
Boymeat:  Yep. You're going to hell.
KathrynTact:  Oh dear.
Daddy:  LOL
Godkitty:  Oh noez, not Hell, anything but that!
OwMotherFuckerThatHurt:  S'Ok. I've had a great plot of land reserved for a good decade now.
girlvegetablesidedish:  Oh, good.  So all that space we're going to not have by living in the city will be made up for in the after life?
Etc:  Exactly! I knew when to make my early investments.
Kitten:  Dork.
Etc:  This conversation is officially a livejournal post.
AndSoOn:  I knew it.
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For some reason, I'm receiving a lot of porn spam lately.  I usually forward it back to the sender and then delete it.
The constant weather changes are starting to get me sick.  I'd love to boost my immune system to combat the sniffles but boosting my immune system usually makes my colon do horrible things.
I wanted to relax this weekend but instead I'm going to Maryland for an engagement party for the stepson of my mother's best friend.
This time next week I'll be in California for IMsL and I'll be hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world.  Is it next week yet?
I started sending out my resume.  It's a shit economy to look for a job, even with a couple of very good contacts.
My cat is awfully graceful.
[livejournal.com profile] boymeat  is Superman.  There are a lot of things I find attractive about this man, and one of them is that he has a lot of room in his heart (and loinnnnnssss) for others.  He gives people help and chances that I'm not sure I would ever even be capable of honestly.  Since we've been together, no one has really gone out of their way to hurt him.  But I'm fairly sure that one day it will happen and I'm equally sure they will suffer my wrath for it.  Godkitty got wrath down pat, y'all.  Holla.
I really want to buy new shoes, two pairs actually.  One is a pair of snazzy leather flip flops from Nine West and the other are shiny, foot loving black platforms.  Not as shiny as I usually go for but there is something very sexy about them.
I bought a pink and black tutu to replace the black and purple one Q ripped when we wrestling in the puppy pen of the SPLF dungeon on Saturday night.  Q's a violent boi. 
I tend to plan inter-changeable outfits in my mind for packing purposes.  I'm currently trying to figure out what shoes I want to wear with silly, new skirt.  I have five pairs that it would work well with but all of them would give it a different bend and I'm not sure which one I want to sport.  I'm going to end up packing too many shoes.
I need to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer.  I also need to go to the store to buy gift wrap and an engagement card.
I like the way [livejournal.com profile] julian_wolf  watches people so intensely when she thinks no one is paying attention to her.  She takes it all in.
Sometimes, I think about my friend Don who died in December.  He was such a goof.  I miss talking to him. 
My mother needs to have surgery on her wrist.  She has some sort of heinous break that requires taking a piece of her pelvic bone to fix.  She'll be in the hospital overnight and then in a cast for 3-6 months.  My parents are beginning to fall apart.  It's not a very comforting thought.
That's all.
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Kathryn:  My feet are sweaty, M.

M:  OMG.  I was just thinking that, mine too!  Probably too sweaty even for Phil.

Kathryn:  Nah, he'd like it.