Mar. 30th, 2009

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M is off in Vegas with her husband celebrating his birthday. (It's neither here nor there, but she broke a toe two days before they left. She's partial to heels, so that kind of sucks. But hey, it's Vegas, who really needs heels to get drunk and fuck anyway?) I was alone in the office today and missed her a lot. I realize that my days with her are numbered and that's very, very sad. I don't depend on a lot of people, but I do depend on her. Yes, we'll email, txt and talk often, I'm sure. But it's different. Very, very different. And I would know, I'm the queen of LDRs.
Anyway, she left me this really cute note on the schedule. It made me smile to see it this morning. Yay M for thoughtfulness.

And these boxes are filled with Easy Mac cups. If I counted correctly, and I believe I did, these boxes are filled 200 Easy Mac cups. We were asked if we would be interested in handing them out to out patients between the ages of 12-15 along with coupons for the product. Eh, sure. Why not? We like mac and cheese, too. In fact, I had one for dinner. They really aren't that bad.
Of course, they are not quite as good as one's Daddy making a box of mac and cheese and a tall glass of chocolate milk and splitting it with you. But there is time for that yet.


Oh, and before I forget, my toe nails from IMsL ... pink and purple argyle with yellow accents. Ha ha. Dork!
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Dear G-d,
Just let me get through the next couple of months without the stress eating my colon.  I'll owe you one.
Thanks in advance.
Most affectionately,
Kathryn T.
PS:  And while you're at it, can you do something about this insomnia?  Kthanxbai.


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