Mar. 24th, 2009

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I am home.  Technically, I've been home since last night but it seems I hit the ground running today and this is about the first chance I've had to sit back and relax some.
I had an amazing time at IMsL.  I will write about a lot of it in the coming week.  I tend to use the names of the people I've played with so if I played with you over the weekend, you're reading this and you would prefer I don't use your name (scene/livejournal or otherwise), please let me know via private message on LJ.   
My mother now has a surgery date for her wrist and it is April Fool's day.  How oddly appropriate.  She'll be in the hospital at least 23 hours.  I know her well enough to know that if they are giving her good pain killers, she'll be there longer. 

Speaking of surgery, the Dr. Father's car needs surgery as well.  A telephone pole jumped out and attacked his car.  I mocked him.
I put in my "notice" today as far as work is concerned.  Whether with job or without (hopefully with), I'm moving towards the end of May.  A new network connection I made last week seems to have paid off because here I sit with a new contact for a doctor in NYC who has a couple of positions open.  Oh la.
My mother was highly amused by this picture of [ profile] boymeat .  Check out his awesome new t-shirt.  And his reading material.

We're all going to Hades.


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