Mar. 19th, 2009

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Little Town North Carolina has a small, one airline airport.  I normally fly out of RDU because it's cheaper but it ended up being the same price to fly out of RDU and my town to San Francisco so I opted for my town because of convenience.  Can you blame me?  Have a parent or friend drop me off at airport 15 minutes from my house or drive an hour and a half to a friend's house, get dropped off at airport next day, get picked up by friend upon arriving back, go back to their house, pick up car and drive another hour and a half home.  I love seeing my friends in Raleigh, but it's kind of a no brainer sometimes.

The problem you occasionally run into with itty bitty airports is that a plane breaks down, there is no plane to replace it, and three hours later by the time they have a plane to replace it -- you've missed your connection and there are no other connections to your final destination because you missed all of those, too.

That's what happened to me today.  Something was wrong with a tire.  By the time the mechanic arrived to fix it, the plane wouldn't take off until 6 pm, and I would have missed all flights out to SFO tonight.  I offered to drive to Raleigh but it just wasn't to be.  I txt'd Daddy, he had just landed in Chicago, I whined a little but ultimately he made me feel better.  I'll be in San Fran tomorrow at 10:15 am.

Mumsy picked me up from the airport and she felt like shopping so we went to Best Buy.  She was in the market for a new lap top.  She found one she liked, I picked it out, way better than what she initially was looking at, too, for a great price.  And in my pitiful, sad state, she bought me a digital camera.  It's teal.  And the nice man at the store picked out a pink case for me since they didn't have the camera I wanted in pink.  Yes, I'm a girl.  Yes, I'm a picky, occasionally whiny girl.

Whatever.  At least I'll have a camera to take pictures of my toes now, right?  Okay.  Anyway.

Sad monkey.

Sad monkeys aren't even in the mood for buttons.
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It's those moments of frustration that I just cannot seem to keep under some semblance of control that really bother me.
Okay, early flight tomorrow, neither of my parents will drive me and I'm sure as hell not asking M to do me that sort of favor -- even though I know she would.
Right, so I'll drive my car, and my parents will use my spare key and pick it up later in the day.  Because they refuse to drive me, and don't want me to use the taxi service(s) in this town, they initially offered to let me just leave my car there and they'd pay for it.  Money is how we show we care.  I thought that was silly so suggested the drop and pick-up scenario. 

Except now I can't find my spare keys.  I hop in the car and speed off to Lowe's, which is open for ten more minutes, bust through the door, get to the little key maker area and throw my key at the nice gentleman.  "SAVE ME!"  "Is it an electronic key?"  "No."  "You shur?"  "Yes!"  "Great, let me see if I have a match."
I wait, I wait, seconds tick by like hours.  They don't have a match. 
Come back home, re-tear apart five drawers and still cannot find key.
"OMG DAD!  I can't find my spare key.  Take me to the airport in the morning.  Please?  You're the only person in this family who can go back to sleep after waking up!"
"Take your mother's car.  We have the spare for it."
"Oh, yeah.  Smart thinking."
Hello, molehill?  I've made you a mountain.  Cause I am dumb.


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