Mar. 18th, 2009

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I really need to pack. 
I finally had a pedicure.  If there was an award for dorkiest toe nail design EVA, I would win it.  Totally.  No, srsly.  If you're at IMsL this weekend, ask to see my toe nails.  Just for the laugh.  Unless I'm wearing boots.  If I'm wearing boots, I ain't taking them off for random strangers.  Only the sort of strange-ers who will sniff them, and get excited, and bite the arches, maybe cane them and then eventually fuck me.  So, that pretty much narrows it down to ... yep, Phil.  Anyway.  Someone needs to get laid.  Gee, wonder who that is.  (Me.)
I still need to pack and change the kitty litter but besides that I'm pretty much a-okay ready.  I'm really looking forward to IMsL for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, as per usual, is the amazing company.  I love my relationship with Phil, but I also love the growing relationships I have started to form and make with the people in his life.  Did I mention Pig will be there, too?  Damn skippy.  We're sharing a room.  So if you come to our room what will you expect to find?  Probably not what you'd think (okay, that too).  You'll most likely find Pig having a freak-out attack over the fact that Phil and I can destroy a hotel room in less than 2.3 seconds.  (I just threw that in to tease her.  Cause I'm an LJ-sadist like that.  Holla.)
For those North Carolinians who aren't attending IMsL this weekend, so uh ... everyone besides Q and I it seems, I hope you bought your tickets for NCLC.  It's completely sold out which means it's going to be a rip roarin' awesome state-wide event.  Go for the contest and vending, and stay for the play party. Cheer on the contestants too because they'll be representing you for an entire year all across the southeast (and beyond) not to mention at SELF this June.  Good luck to anyone who is running.  Do your best and don't do anything I would do -- you'd get disqualified, I'm sure.
I'm bouncy, right now, could you tell?  It's because I'm super excited that tomorrow is almost here. 
Like whoa.



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