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May. 8th, 2009 05:56 pm
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I have had the same two best friends for years, [ profile] recursivesteph  for twenty and T for sixteen.  [ profile] recursivesteph  is getting married in August, and I cannot wait to stand up for her and beside her.  I already have my toast written in rough draft form so high is my level of woo-hoo.  I also am excited for her and [ profile] boymeat  to finally meet.  They will adore each other, of that I have no doubt.
T is pregnant with her fourth child, a little girl to add to her current posse of three sons and one husband.  She's doing very well, and I had a chance to see it for myself when we went out on Tuesday night.  It was the first time in a long time that we were together without the kids as her mom offered to baby-sit.  Go mom!
We had a leisurely dinner and then went shopping.  I helped her pick out a fabulous dress for a wedding rehearsal she's going to today.  Want to hate her?  It was a size two, and she's six months pregnant.  It's all about the genes, babies.  I was looking at a skirt when she hopped on the escalator, one of only two in this tiny town.
T:  I'm going down!
Me:  If you had gone down, you wouldn't be in the state you are in now.
We laughed and then went to get ice cream cones.


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